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Your 8-day Guide to Karpathos Island

Welcome to another guide blog post! This time I've decided to create a travel guide. Travel guide for a Greek island named Karpathos, as in the last days I got so many messages and comments that some of you are going there in a few days. I believe that my tips are going to help you.

So here is my guide to Karpathos based on some of the things I experienced on my recent trip. Unfortunately, this post is only about the places to visit. Not about food. I will write a Karpathos Food Guide ASAP as well. Please note that the places below are not in "top ten" order, but they are sorted by days. Enjoy my blog post and please let me know your thoughts in the comments!


This day was not that interesting as it was only about flying (with Austrian Airlines) and arriving later in the evening to our apartment. One thing I would like to recommend you, is to book your accommodation through AirBnb. We did it as well and had the best holiday ever! We rented a car, explored the whole island, tried many different cuisines, saw things we wouldn't if we were in all inclusive hotel.

Btw I can recommend you a great AirBnb apartment right in the capital city Pigadia. It's named Gorgona Apartment and has the best view ever! It not only has a great view, but also a kind host. Trust me, try it.

Also, Pigadia is a very lovely city with many restaurants, cafés, shopping street and a port. We went to the centre every single evening for a dinner and to have a walk. Its atmosphere is unforgettable and even if you won't book your apartment in that city, you should at least visit it! Here are a few more pictures of our great view from balcony & the most famous spot in Pigadia: 


During our 2nd day we visited an incredible sandy beach named Ammoopi. It was only 8km from Pigadia and looked incredible! Ammoopi divides actually to 2 beaches, one of them is called Mikri and the other one Megali. We stayed on Mikri. There is also a big white rock named Asprouas from where you can get some amazing views or jump to the sea. If I had to rate this beach, I would give it 10/10 stars

After Ammoopi we went to 2 other beaches. One of them was Votsalakia and the other was Nikolaki i Pounta and Valis, where we were snorkelling (unfortunately I don't have a photo of it). 

DAY 3 

During our third day we visited only two beaches: Apella and Kyra Panagia. Mainly because once we arrived at Kyra Panagia, it started to rain. However, both of the beaches were worth to visit and we don't regret it. 

Apella had probably the clearest water we saw on the whole island. I recommend you to take with you swimming shoes, otherwise it might hurt you. Kyra Panagia is very famous for its views from the church right above the beach. Make sure to check it out and snap some cute picture. 

I know I said that I will write about the food opportunities on Karpathos in my next blog post, but I have to tell you that we had the worst experience ever in taverna on Apella beach. I have never seen such a rude manager. Plus my meal was totally uncooked and the restaurant was overpriced (!). Never going there again. 

But, here is something positive again haha. First 3 photos are from Apella, last one is Kyra Panagia.


Day 4 was very lovely. We visited many different beaches. First one was Diakoftis, right next to the airport. It was 21km from Pigadia. It is a unique beach with white sand and shallow waters. You can even take there a picture of an airplane. However, it doesn't happen often, as on Karpathos arrive only few planes per day. 

Another beach on our list was Pounta. It had already bigger waves and looked very different to others. There were almost no people. 

Then we went to the "beach of surfers" Agrilopotamos. We actually didn't even swim there because we were in hurry to eat lunch in other taverna, but I took a photo for you, because it was really pretty. 

On our way to taverna, we stopped and enjoyed the most beautiful view. We saw Kasos! The island right between Karpathos and Crete. 

Then we enjoyed a delicious food and went to snorkel on Agios Theodoros beach. The sea bottom was really amazing. You could see everything really clear. Don't forget to bring your snorkelling equipment with you! 

Before going back to Pigadia we stopped at Agios Nikolaos / Arkasa beach for some adrenaline...well exactly for the waves hahaha. It kinda reminded me of beaches in Spain. On our way to the apartment we also quickly stopped in a lovely village named Menetes for a sunset. It was really pretty...but windy as well. 


We had a lot of fun this day. It was actually my B-day! We went to beautiful villages named Aperi, Volada and Othos. All of them are full of cute white-blue houses, churches and great views. 

Then we went to Finiki, from where I have an amazing photo next to church. You can also find there a little beach, restaurants, cafés and a small port. Afterwards we stopped at a restaurant named Under the trees. In the end we went to Lefkos for snorkelling. The water in Lefkos wasn´t that clear, so I cannot show you the photos because they didn't turn out good. 


Our 6th day was more about walking than enjoying beach. We decided to go to Olympos. Olympos is definitely the most famous village of Karpathos. It is located on the northern side of the island. It is built on the slopes of the mountains, so prepare to walk many stairs. It is also reachable by boat or bus. It is full of cute white and pastel houses, small Greek shops and nice cafés. Definitely worth the "long" drive. 

On our way back we saw many goats. Be careful while driving, because they may even stop in front of your car and won't move to the side. 

So, after we fed a few goats, we decided to visit Apella and Kyra Panagia again during sun & sunset. Aren't these beaches just incredibly BEAUTIFUL

Small tip: visit Kyra Panagia after 18:00...there is almost nobody and it looks so amazing and calm. 


As the day 7 was one of our last days, we already saw all we wanted. This day we did not do that much. We visited only 2 beaches. One of them was Achata. Achata had the most beautiful sea bottom I've seen on Karpathos. It became deep so fast, but there were really huge rocks on which you could stand every 2 metres, so no problem if you are scared. If you swam a bit further, you could climb on a small island in the middle of this "bay". 

Achata was so much worth to see. I would love to go there again.  It was so incredible to snorkel there. You should definitely try it out!! 

After our relaxing day on Achata beach, we decided to go in the evening once again to Diakoftis - the famous airport beach. That time it was incredibly windy and the wind was all the time blowing the sand to our face. But the clear shallow water made our drive to be worth it haha. 


Oh no...this was our last day. I didn't want it to end. Karpathos was so amazing. But what was the most amazing was the Ammoopi beach. That's why we decided to spend our whole day before we fly back home in Ammoopi area. We went there for lunch, then for swimming, getting sunkissed, and lastly have a coffee with an incredible view to say goodbye to this lovely island. 

So, that's how we spent our vacation in Greece. I hope you liked this blog post and I also hope it's gonna help many of you to find the best spots on Karpathos and enjoy your vacay. Thanks for reading! 

Daria xoxo 


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