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Your Guide to Perfect Instagram Spots in Vienna

Are you currently in Vienna or happen to spend a weekend there and don't know where to take some cute IG pictures? Well, this guide is going to help you to capture the most out of this lovely city!

For those who don't know, Vienna is the capital and largest city of Austria (located in Europe). It is very beautiful and definitely worth to see. I think that I don't need to tell you more about how great it looks, as my photos are going to do so. Let's start with the 1st & my most favourite location:


To be honest, I've never heard of this location before (what's funny, as it's totally in the centre hahaha), but thanks to my friend from Vienna, I happened to spend there this Friday. Actually, we went there together & took the most beautiful photos ever! 

Volksgarten is a public park located in the 1st district of Vienna. It's famous for its beautiful rose gardens with over 3000 rose bushes of more than 200 different cultivars of roses. Fascinating, right?! 

What a wonderful view on Rathaus!


Well, some of you who follow me on Instagram probably already know that I adore this spot. It is beautiful in every season, however, I recommend you to go there during winter. Especially, when there are the Christmas markets...that atmosphere is unforgettable.

Karlskirche is a baroque church located on the edge of the 1st district. It's very popular, what means that there are usually many people in front of it. For clear photos, I recommend you to go there early in the morning. 
Karlskirche during Christmas 2017.
Karlskirche in June 2018. 

Actually, my picture was not taken in Wiener Staatsoper, but right in front of it - on Albertina Museum's balcony. I'm very glad that we found this lovely spot last weekend, because my photos turned out to look so good! It's located in the 1st district & very close to the previous location. If you wonder about which time of the day is the best to go there, I say anytime. Don't worry about too many tourists, they won't be in your photos :). 

Btw, feel free to take photos closer to Wiener Staatsoper, it's very beautiful as well. I'm also planning to do so next time I go to Vienna!  


Some of you may be interested in photos with a nice view on the city, that's why I recommend you to go to this bar. It's located right next to Stephansplatz, so again in the 1st district. It's likely to be overcrowded in the afternoon, so the best time to go there is in the morning (it opens at 9AM) during the week. 

We went there on Saturday in the afternoon, so it was full of people. That's why we took just very simple photos with phone hahaha.


Burggarten is a beautiful park located in the 1st district of Vienna. It offers a great area to relax and socialize with locals. You can also find there a café called Palmenhaus. If I remember it correctly, right next to the café is a butterfly house. I haven't been there yet, but I'm sure it's worth to see it.

My photo was taken on the stairs, right in front of the Palmenhouse. It was a really random shot, but turned out to look cool!


University of Vienna (also known as Universität Wien) is situated in the 1st district. It was founded in 1365 and is one of the oldest universities in the German-speaking world. Its architecture is very interesting and fascinating. 

My tip: don't bring any glass with you and definitely don't lay it on the floor. I did it and in the moment it broke. It was the loudest sound I've ever heard hahaha. And its echo lasted about 2 minutes, omg! 


Yes, finally FOOD! Naschmarkt is Vienna's most popular market. Located at the Wienzeile over the Wien river, it is about 1,5 km long. It is my favourite place to go grab a coffee, have a lunch, shop food, etc. It's also very instagrammable, mainly because of its atmosphere. I mainly take there pictures of food, but you can be more creative & maybe take some ootd pics hahaha. 

Last time when I was there, I went to the restaurant called La Piazzetta & enjoyed my fav meal - PIZZA. 


Probably all of you have already heard of Schönbrunn. But if you haven't, it's a palace located in the 13th district of Vienna. However, I'm not going to talk about the palace, but about the gardens. They look extremely beautiful, especially during the spring when everything blooms. 

You can also find there Palmenhaus and Wüstenhaus (Desert house). If you're into tropical photos, then these are your IG spots to go! I was there last year and I must say that that time these were the most beautiful locations I've ever seen in Vienna (then the Volksgarten came to my life haha). 


Wüstenhaus / Desert House.

Last but not the least, Hundertwasserhaus. I think every city has a crazy spot and this is the Viennese one. It's actually an apartment house located in the Landstrasse district. If you're into colourful photos, this place is definitely going to be your favourite. I recommend you to go there in the morning when there is nobody (as it's very popular tourist's place), to capture the most out of it. 

I found there a very lovely spot, which looks totally English - red telephone booth. I was so happy about it & my photos turned out to look amazing! Here is my favourite shot:

So that's all for today. I believe, that there are more IG spots in Vienna, but these are definitely my favourites. Let me know in the comments, if you have ever visited any of these or plan to do so. Also, thank you for reading till the end and I'm already looking forward to write another post for you! 



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